Thursday, June 16, 2016

Paper, scissors, rock
Although I’m a rock, a big grey one all alone on this big hill, lonely,  scared .  Everyday I peer over the side -watching her we, are different in every way-with every dimension. That is why I like her. I don't  know that scissors is slicing his way through the  forest, the delicate paper forest. I finally noticed, He is coming.I froze. A rock slipped under me. I fell…down the cliff bang. I need to protect her.

I ran round to find where he was. We ran we could hear ssss lllll iiii
cccc eeee  he found us. Paper rushed towards him to attack- but he sliced her she was in pain. He started to attack me I turned around. I jumped up in the air and bang .I crushed him .I rushed to help paper but I can’t ,I’ll die. I pick her up to help her and take home. I slowly crumbled.  

Friday, June 10, 2016

Walking the Black Bridge to Clive path.

I have a photograph. It was taken by a stranger on my mums Iphone in 2016. A photo of us - my cousins, Mum, Aunty, Nanny, Felix and I. I am 10, still young. There we all are walking on the Black Bridge to Clive path, our Cousins had just arrived from Auckland, They traveled over the mountains, and across the Taupo Plateau. In front of us is the sea, Hawke Bay. On either side of us are ponds. And behind us are the snowy hills. We are heading to beach to collect sticks and rocks, Alex and I played halo in real life. After about 1 hour we are all going to depart back home.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

My Manawatu Gorge Inquiry

This is my Manawatu Gorge project.Me and Raghu worked on this project for about 2 weeks our focus was about stoats and animals that live in the gorge.I found out that seven hundred stoats a thousand possums and ten thousand rats were caught. I hope you like it. 


The beach

This is my poem based on the poem called the old alley by Richard partridge.Mine is set at the beach. We used Adjectives, Nouns and Verbs in an order of A,N,V.I hope you like it.

The Beach
The sandy beaches sand blows away into the sea
Metallic stingrays Swimming slowly on the bottom of the sea floor,
On grey rocks crabs play, big groups of shiny fish swim through the waves,
Clinging on rocks squid wait to rocket off, in rock pools shells lie,
The shining water clashes against the rocks, The soft seaweed sways slowly through the waves.