Thursday, June 16, 2016

Paper, scissors, rock
Although I’m a rock, a big grey one all alone on this big hill, lonely,  scared .  Everyday I peer over the side -watching her we, are different in every way-with every dimension. That is why I like her. I don't  know that scissors is slicing his way through the  forest, the delicate paper forest. I finally noticed, He is coming.I froze. A rock slipped under me. I fell…down the cliff bang. I need to protect her.

I ran round to find where he was. We ran we could hear ssss lllll iiii
cccc eeee  he found us. Paper rushed towards him to attack- but he sliced her she was in pain. He started to attack me I turned around. I jumped up in the air and bang .I crushed him .I rushed to help paper but I can’t ,I’ll die. I pick her up to help her and take home. I slowly crumbled.  

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